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The Body Talks

Did you know that approximately 70% of communication is non-verbal? And we aren’t talking about texting. Body language does much more than accompany words; it often tells the true story behind someone's expressions.

Being aware of your body language can be the difference between connecting with someone or completely missing the mark. It’s not just about what you should do, like maintaining good eye contact or mirroring gestures—it’s equally about avoiding the no-nos that could send the wrong signals.

For instance, did you know that not maintaining eye contact could make you seem less trustworthy? Or that invading someone’s personal space might make them uncomfortable, even if your words are warm and friendly?

Our Top 10 Body Language Tips:

  1. Strong Eye Contact 👀 Maintain eye contact about 60% of the time when speaking and 70% when listening to appear more engaged and confident.

  2. Open Posture 🚶‍♂️ Keep your arms uncrossed and hands loosely by your sides to signal openness and attentiveness.

  3. Purposeful Gestures ✋ Use hand movements to underscore important points, ensuring they are deliberate and sync with what you're saying.

  4. Mirror Subtly 🔍 Reflecting someone’s gestures can build rapport. Try a brief delay in your mirroring to keep it natural and less obvious.

  5. Smile Genuinely 😀 A real smile, involving your eyes, adds face value. It also radiates warmth and approachability.

  6. Nod Occasionally 👍🏻 Nodding shows you’re listening, but balance it to maintain your authority and not appear overly agreeable.

  7. Spatial Awareness 🧍‍♂️ Manage the physical space between you and others to respect personal boundaries—closer in casual settings, further apart in formal ones.

  8. Lower Your Voice 🤫 A calm, lowered voice tone can project authority and calmness. Breathe deeply before speaking to help naturally settle your voice.

  9. Control Your Pacing 🗣 Move deliberately and with control, especially when entering a room, to convey confidence.

  10. Postural Echoing 🤝 Matching the positive posture of others in the room can enhance connection without mimicking.

Body language goes beyond just using the right gestures. It’s about becoming attuned to the subtle signals others are sending, allowing you to better navigate and respond to different communication scenarios. By becoming more observant and responsive to the non-verbal cues around you, you’ll enhance your ability to connect with others, making each interaction more productive and meaningful.

Here is a tip:

Try holding eye contact for about three to four seconds before naturally breaking it, then returning to make eye contact again. This balance maintains connection without becoming too intense.

Did you know we explore these techniques and more within a dedicated module on body language in our SPEAKR Academy? The "Language of Body Language" module is packed with strategies and insights to help you master non-verbal communication.

If you need help with getting your body language right every time, our comprehensive program might be just what you need. Discover this and over 100 other videos by checking out our program outline. Explore communication strategies that empower you to communicate more effectively in every aspect of your life.


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