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For those who struggle to articulate their thoughts, want to speak with confidence & precision, and take their communication to the next level...

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Imagine walking into any room, any situation, and knowing you have the ability to connect, persuade, and inspire.

Picture this,

You find yourself in a social gathering, surrounded by new faces.

You want to impress them.

With ease, you strike up conversations that flow effortlessly (not just about the weather or some other boring topic neither of you find remotely interesting), leaving a lasting impression on everyone you meet.

Next, you walk into your boss’s office, prepared to ask for a pay rise.

As you articulate your achievements and contributions with confidence, your words resonate with authority.

Your request is not just considered, it’s well above your expectations.

Then, you’re giving a speech at your best friend's wedding (without needing to drink a whole bottle of wine beforehand) , captivating the audience and leaving them crying of laughter.

In each situation, your communication skills elevate you to new heights, opening doors to opportunities and creating genuine connections.

This is the power of effective communication.

And it’s within your reach.

Are you ready to unlock your full potential and master effective communication?

Don’t just imagine it - live it.


Featuring 12 comprehensive modules, 100+ videos, and invaluable resources, SPEAKR Academy is designed to empower individuals from all walks of life. Led by industry experts, the in-depth modules are designed to cover all the fundamentals of effective communication, including storytelling, using humour, choosing the right words, body language and so much more.

You might be thinking that this all sounds simplistic, even “boring.” However, this program is not about superficial motivation talks (you can find those on YouTube). Instead, it’s designed to equip you with tangible skills that improve your everyday life.

Your voice is one of your most powerful tools, and we’re on a mission to unlock it’s full potential. Throughout these modules, you’ll gain mastery over not just public speaking but also social communication, negotiation, and leadership.

By the end of the program, you won’t just be a better speaker – you’ll be a confident, influential communicator capable of nailing any situation. It’s time to break out of your comfort zone and allow the better version of yourself to shine through and unleash your true potential.

Do you find yourself trapped in awkward silences while struggling to find the right words?
Master the basics Skill.png

Master the Basics

Lay the groundwork for effective communication in all contexts.

Non Verbal Communication.png

Non-verbal Communication

Understand the power of body language and gestures.

Vocal Skill.png

Vocal Skills

Develop your vocal presence, tone, volume, and articulation to command attention.

Persuasion and influence.png

Persuasion and Influence Techniques

Explore strategies for persuading and influencing others effectively.



Discover how to structure your messages to captivate your audience.


Leadership Communication

Inspire others through clear communication, assertiveness, and effective dialogue.

plus so much more..

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Are you tired of missing out on opportunities?

Whether it's a promotion at work or reaching out to someone you're attracted to, simply because you cant find the right words? 

It's not your fault. We didn't learn how to communicate in school; we absorbed it from our family, friends, and colleagues. They all influence the way you communicate - the phrases you use, your body language - everything. But don't worry; becoming an effective communicator is a skill that can be learned. Will it be easy? No. Will it be worth it? Absolutely.

Let's take Chris, for example.

Chris, who was working in construction, had huge ambitions to start his own online business.


But there was one problem.

He had never spoken on camera.

In fact, the thought of speaking on camera gave him huge anxiety.

In his's own words,

"Every time I turned the camera on, I would freeze up, and I could feel my heart racing." 

Luckily for Chris, the first module "Fear of Speaking" helped him understand the root cause of his fear (imposter syndrome). 

Chris continued to refine his speaking skills, practicing daily and exuding confidence.


He often referred back to the techniques he learned, such as maintaining an open posture and using slow, deliberate speech to command authority.

The outcome? 

Chris's business was in full swing with over 45 clients, and he's speaking like a pro on and off the camera. 

As for the imposter syndrome? Gone. 

He is viewed as an authority in his industry. 

Chris says, "The journey was tough, but realising that my fear was all in my head helped me push through. Now, I look forward to video calls with clients!"

Is this a common outcome? 

Yes, for those who do the work and put their newfound skills into practice. 

As Theodore Roosevelt once said, "Nothing worth having comes easy."

So what is it that you want?

Dream job or promotion

Enhance relationships or find love

Build Your Network

Start a new business


When you join the academy you will have access to..

12 weeks, 12 module topics
with over 100 videos

Full access to our resource centre
filled with cheat sheets, guides,
and our
personal library.

Ongoing assessments and
real-life exercises.

Lifetime access to all video content
and resources

Unlimited support from our
dedicated team.


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Get bonus access to our special Masterclass Series! With targeted topics such as 'Speaking on Camera ', 'Ace the Interview', and 'Adaptive Communication', plus many more. 

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Unlock your full potential with a personalised assessment of your speaking transformation, tailored to help you identify areas for improvement and track your progress.

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This comprehensive framework will guide you through a self-assessment process to identify and tackle fear triggers, both conscious and subconscious. 

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"Ughh, another online course..."

You may find yourself thinking,

"Part of me knows this could be a game-changer. I'm eager for the results. I'm ready!"

But there's also that resistance to joining "yet another" course.

Well, let's remove 100% of your risk.

Here's our guarantee:

1.   Click "Join Now" and enrol in SPEAKR. Academy.

2.   After 30 days... if you're not completely convinced that SPEAKR Academy is the most valuable communication program you've ever experienced...

3.   We'll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

In other words...

Dive in for a month.

Watch the modules, access our resources..

And if...

x    It's not resonating with you

x    You feel it's not the right fit

x    You can't see how it applies to your situation

x    It's not the most valuable communication program you've ever joined


Just let us know.

We'll give you your money back faster than you can say um, uh, ahh

You have nothing to lose*

*except for a few hours exploring powerful communication strategies. 

Sound fair?


In today's fast-paced world, continuous learning is essential. Many companies understand this and allocate budgets for professional development.

Do you work for such a company? If so, we’ve created a template to help you request educational reimbursement for SPEAKR. Academy. This way, you can join the program without bearing all the costs yourself. Show how this program will benefit your company, and you might get the support you need.


Here is a template to help you draft a message to your employer.

There has never been a better time to start. (2).png

We may struggle to strike the right balance in our interactions. Some of us smile too much, while others find it hard to smile at all. Our stories might fail to engage, leaving listeners bored or uninterested. At times, we’re labeled as overly apologetic, too fast or too slow in our speech, or we find ourselves either rambling endlessly or unable to speak at all. Shyness and forgetfulness may hold us back, and we may even worry about being perceived as:

  • Overly accommodating

  • Excessively cheerful

  • Emotionally detached

  • Socially awkward

  • Unseen or unheard

  • Emotionally overwhelmed

  • Mood-dampening

  • Long-winded

  • Rude or insensitive

  • Chronic apologisers

  • Lurking in the background

  • Easily overlooked…

But here’s the good news: at SPEAKR Academy, we believe that effective communication is a skill that can be learned and mastered. Our program is designed to help you overcome these challenges, enabling you to communicate confidently and authentically in any situation.


  • You want a quick fix to transform your social skills instantly.

  • You aim to mislead or deceive people to make them “like” you.

  • You plan to read the material without implementing it.

  • You can’t commit at least 1-2 hours a week to improving your social skills and conversations.


Click JOIN NOW and get start in 3 simple steps..

STEP 1: Pay the program fee

STEP 2: Confirm membership

STEP 3: Start learning

  • How long is the program, and how much time will I need to commit each week?
    Our Academy spans 12 weeks, with a new module unlocking every week. This drip-feed approach ensures you have the time to fully absorb and integrate each module before moving on to the next. For the best results, we suggest setting aside at least 30 minutes each week.
  • Is the course self-paced or structured with specific lessons and assignments?
    While the Academy is designed to be self-paced, it follows a structured drip-feed format with new modules unlocking each week. Adhering to this weekly schedule can be beneficial. Each module includes practical assignments based on the video teachings to help you effectively apply what you've learned.
  • Are there opportunities for interaction with the instructor or other students?
    Absolutely! Join our growing community in the members-only Facebook Group where you can connect with other students and our coaching team. You’ll receive an invitation to join after you have joined.
  • Do I need any special equipment or software to participate in the course?
    All you need is a computer or smart phone and internet connection.
  • Will I receive a certificate of completion upon finishing the course?
    Yes! You will receive a certificate after you have completed all 12 module topics. You’ll automatically be issued a certificate of completion. This certificate can be downloaded and printed for your records.
  • Can I share the course materials with others?
    Your enrolment is for individual use only. Sharing course materials with others is against our policy. We encourage others to join to gain their own access and benefit from the full experience.
  • Can I access the course materials after the 12 weeks?
    Yes! Once you’ve joined, you’ll have lifetime access to all course materials and resources. You can revisit the modules anytime you need a refresher.
  • Is there a money-back guarantee or refund policy?
    The best way to see if this course is right for you is from the inside. By signing up today, you can make a fully informed decision—just like you wouldn’t buy a house without looking inside first. Whether it’s 30 minutes or 30 days from now, if you’re not happy, we’re not happy. Simply send an email to, and we’ll issue a refund right away.


Sign up risk free today!

P.S. Not ready to commit? Check out our free resources

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